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The Opening Day

An audience awaits

An entrance through Anglo Saxon gardens

And so it began!
The Opening day of Ashgill Forest Theatre
24 July 2004

Belfagan Morris dancers

Lois Clark battling the breeze

On the 24th July 2004, the Ashgill forest theatre finally had it's opening event.  It took the form of a varied bill of performances to show the diversity of the the venue and to experiment as to what is most suitable to be staged there.
First on the bill were two cheerleaders from Netherhall school, Maryport.  These two young girls danced their socks off in quite inclement weather and did a wonderful job in opening the show.
Secondly came the Flatpack theatre company, also from Netherhall school.  They performed a comic interpretation of the fall of Troy.  Done with four actors and a narrator, this was a joy to behold.
Thirdly, Lois Clark demonstrated public speaking, talking about her experiences in Slovakia with the youth for europe project.  Lois stepped in at the last minute and did a great job.
Fourth on stage was Kerry Farish, who sang a range of folk tunes.  Her excellent voice and subject matter was augmented by the woodland setting.  Both she and her act fitted in wonderfully well with the idea of a small forest theatre.
Finally we had the Belfagan women Morris dancers.  Although they were somewhat hampered by a lack of room, they danced well and had the crowd clapping.  They also proved that small dance troupes could, with thought utilise the space available.
With an introduction of the theatre and it's origins by Martin Clark and compered by Andy Winthorpe,  the whole thing went as well as we could hope and finished just before it began to rain, which was nice!
Andy Winthorpe would like to extend a massive thank you to all the pupils of Netherhall school (and wish them luck in everything), Krista Davis, their teacher, Kerry Farish, Lois Clark, Belfagan women's Morris dancers and their musicians, everyone who attended and put up with quite a cold wind and also everyone who could not attend but wished the theatre luck in it's opening day

Kerry Farish singing

The Flatpack theatre company besieges Troy

Cheerleading in the wind

USE THIS LINK if you want to know how to find us . Follow the directions to Plumbland, near Aspatria. After you drive through Plumbland we are the first turning on the right, signposted Grampus Heritage and Clark Mactavish

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