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Ashgill Forest Theatre

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   Welcome to the Ashgill forest theatre.  This is a new venue for the area of West Cumbria, an open air theatre with natural scenery thrown in.  Set in a picturesque woodland quarry site, this  open air  venue offers a unique atmosphere. Unique because it is surrounded by Anglo Saxon gardens, a Viking Age reconstruction building and even has a Celtic roundhouse ticket office.

   Any performer would be ably supported by a natural cast of wildlife, including Tawney owls, robins and a stoat.  It's even been rumoured we have otters come to visit!  We have seen roe deer and herons, woodpeckers and shrews.  The stage and audience areas are framed with trees such as ash, sycamore and blackthorn.  It is truly a beautiful space, there to be filled with art.

We feel that we are suited to small groups, storytellers and acoustic music, but whoever you are, come and have a look.  The theatre and it's surrounding spaces are very versatile.  If you have the imagination, anything could work here.

The theatre was created by the inspiration of European students and the funding aid of "Forest Futures"and Cumbria Woodlands. It will always be a work in progress, evolving and changing as new students bring new ideas.


Hours: We can be contacted between 9.00am-5.00p.m weekdays; ask for Andy Winthorpe or Martin Clark




Phone: 016973 21516 (Andy or Martin)


Questions or comments? Get in touch with us at: